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Creating knowledge with WikiSkills
YES is nominated as Best Practice Project
Active Ageing with Senior Volunteering
Creating knowledge with WikiSkills

Wikibooks, Wikiversity, Wikiquotes, Wikitravel or Wikipedia are just a view examples for worldwide known wikis.

In a wiki-based learning scenario, participants co-write and co-edit web pages. The European project WikiSkills aims to analyse and apply benefits of adopting a wiki-culture to promote lifelong learning opportunities.

The project promotes innovative pedagogical approaches to foster digital literacy, as well as social skills, writing skills and critical thinking.

Wikis foster creativity and enable the transfer of knowledge and provide a common web space for trainings, projects or whole organisations.

Despite these advantages that wikis offer, the WikiSkills needs analysis shows that wikis are not widely used in educational settings in Austria. Therefore the WikiSkills consortium will develop, test and implement a wiki training to teach educators how to make the best use of wikis.

Videos on how to use wikis can be viewed on the WikiSkills webpage www.wikiskills.net

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Ynternet.org (CH)

Ellinogermaniki Agogi (GR)

Universitat de Barcelona (ES)

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Wikimedia Sverige (SE)
YES is nominated as Best Practice Project

The New Skills Network selected 22 Best Practice Projects for their outstanding contribution to the European commission’s New Skills for new jobs strategy.

The European project YES, coordinated by die Berater®, is one of these Best Practice Projects.

The project YES will be presented and discussed with policy-makers and other stakeholders at the Final Conference of The New Skills Network, Skills for the Future,  in Copenhagen on 9, 10 and 11 May 2012.

YES – Youth Employment Support
Employing young people is particularly challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Many applicants have failed to finish school, have no vocational training and are often socio-economically disadvantaged.

The YES project developed a wide-ranging support system for HR managers, those responsible for recruitment and development in SMEs, and training managers and trainers in SMEs who work with young people. Their ability to interact with young people should be enhanced by blended learning, coaching services and a learning platform for reciprocally supporting SMEs.

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YES Brochure:
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Active Ageing with Senior Volunteering

Promoting active-aging senior volunteering has an invaluable effect on our societies.  Given the demographic trend and the increasing number of elderly people in Europe, it is even more crucial to create opportunities for elderly to stay active.

Senior volunteering plays a key role in our society, and demands exposure and recognition! Yet reliable and convincing methodologies for the assessment and validation of the impact and outcomes of senior volunteering are missing.

RIVER (Recognition of Intergenerational Volunteering Experience and Results)
The European project RIVER aims at making learning outcomes of senior volunteering visible and thus add to senior volunteers’ motivation and sense of achievement.

In RIVER a tailor-made competence assessment system will be developed by adapting LEVEL 5 - a methodology for assessing and validating competencies acquired in informal learning settings - to the specific requirements of the volunteering sector.

Senior volunteering brings generations together and creates benefits for both the volunteers and the organisations involved.  Volunteer settings provide new learning opportunities and contribute to ones well-being. Senior volunteering as a way of informal learning provides organisations with volunteers who have acquired extensive knowledge and experience over a lifetime period.

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Forschungsinstitut des Roten Kreuzes Österreich (AT)

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Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations

Budapest Cultural Centre (HU)
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